Matthew R. Burns resides in San Francisco, but commutes to the world from the right side of the brain. As an artist, he found his passion for art, studying the pioneers Betty Edwards and Daniel Pink, leaders in the innovative art fields.

Born in 1971, he is a native of Watertown, New York and began as an aspiring caricaturist. He described his first romance as an ill-fated crush between pen and ink. Convinced there was not strength in his art, he pursued his undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the State University of New York, College at Oswego in 1994. While there, he embraced the tradition of pedagogy and embarked on a mission to use creative communication in his subsequent tenures; professionally he had nine years of growth in the student services, hospitality and sales and marketing fields. This was a professional marriage, which lacked passion. His true romance came at the expense of divorcing himself from the practical world. Upon the death of his father, Matthew returned to formal study, receiving his MFA from the Academy Art University, San Francisco in 2012.

Matthew cites Pink's A Whole New Mind as the single greatest contributing influence to increasing his artistic vocabulary. "Daniel Pink wrote of the increasing need to leave the technological era behind for the conceptual aspects of society. I did this with my own professional work and I have always felt that young artists need permission to venture down this road. Just as Betty Edwards promoted that we all can draw, Pink convinced me we should." Matthew began a mentoring arts business in2012, based on the commitment to reach young students with conceptual and visual arts. He melds traditional drawing and painting with narrative content; special emphasis with his watercolor is put on layered colors. His exhibition work has shown an increasingly rich subtext, while his work with young people has expanded their learning potential, using art as a marriage of idea to self-identity.

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Double Java in the Queue
Double Java In the Queue
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Winter Fresh A Plum Assignment

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